Invitation to art classes for children in school year 2022-23

The art programme will focus on the basics of painting, drawing and composition: perspective, understanding light and shadow, warm and cold colours, different art styles. Children will draw and paint still life and landscape paintings, portraits, flowers and thematic compositions.

We will try some printmaking techniques, the art of bookmaking and illustration. Before Christmas and Easter, we will make postcards and bookmarks. 

During the art classes, children will reveal their inner world, experience positive emotions and develop artistic self-expression and creativity in a friendly environment.

The classes will take place in small groups of 3-5 children, so each child will receive individual attention. The groups will be formed in two age categories (6-9 and 10-16 years). 

The classes will start in the week beginning on 26 September and will take place at my studio in Differdange

I have been hosting art classes for children and adults in Luxembourg since 2017. 

If you are interested, please contact me.

We will delve deeper into the charcoal drawing technique by studying the basic forms.

Careful work with a graphite pencil

Different techniques, different themes

Pleinair painting in nature

Different techniques, different themesm different subject

We will paint still lifes, delve into gouache and watercolor painting techniques

Art studio children participate in children’s drawing competitions in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Lithuania and other countries.

Different possibilities of using black ink

Printmaking art

Geometric compositions and uniqueinterpretations of the environment

Using Format