THE PATH: Art Amongst Nature

As part of the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture project, LANDSCAPES curated by Lynn Theisen, artists converged on the tranquil landscapes of Kayl/Tétange and Rumelange in Luxembourg. Among them, Asta Kulikauskaite presented "THE PATH" – an innovative exhibition of abstract landscapes seamlessly integrated into the natural terrain.

Through bold strokes and vibrant hues, Asta's painting installation "THE PATH" transformed the landscape into a captivating gallery space, blurring the boundaries between art and environment.

With gratitude to Lynn Theisen for the opportunity, "THE PATH" joined the chorus of 22 artistic voices celebrating the transient yet profound connection between art and nature, leaving behind only memories captured in the pages of the LANDSCAPES book.

Installation THE PATH

At first glance, the nature surrounding Kayl reminded me of my
native Lithuania. Pine trees, a winding path and open spaces resemble the nature of the western part of the country by the Baltic Sea. 

Yet Kayl nature is unique and characterized by red iron ore rocks, creating a harmonious interplay of red and green colors. This visual setting inspired me to create a painting exhibition in nature – landscapes within a landscape, conveying the ideas integration, belonging and a search for identity by attempting to blend into nature through my paintings. 

By joining 12 strips of long paper paintings, I created seamless paths winding on the ground and rising up, as if ascending a mountain, not knowing where that path would lead. 

Through abstract compositions of plants, branches or stones, I tried to embody the diverse nature of the Kayl area, adding a piece of my Lithuanian identity. 

This installation continues my creative search for identity that I have been pursuing in recent years.

I share some impressions behind the scenes of  installing THE PATH in June 2022, in Kayl pathway for  the book LANDSCAPES.  Photos by Giedrius Krivickas.

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